"Premium Rush" (2012)- Review

People may not agree with my rating on this very short film, but I apologize. As short as it was and it was a weak story-line-besides those two things. I loved the hell out of this movie. It seemed to be the first film that I have ever seen that was in fact, interactive. By that, I mean, when JGL would punch in addresses in his cell phone to map out directions, it would literally zoom into his cell on the movie screen and map out the directions and give alternate routes! I was very and highly impressed with that! The next is that once JGL would reach a busy intersection in NY (which is almost 24/7), everything including him would shift to slow motion and he would literally have visions and the movie showed his "premonitions" of which way was best to cross the intersection. If he took this route this would happen, and so on and so fourth and that was the second thing that was interactive and very awesome to me for the simple reason is that the director is thinking outside the box and is giving the audiences something that they most likely have never seen in a movie before & I like that! One thing that was in this film that I did not like is how everything was always starting backwards and moving forward-even though the missing gaps were filled during the film, I absolutely HATE movies like that, in general. The beginning of the movie was excellent! Those bikers in the movies were pissing me off. I never realized until I saw this movie at how much trouble they can cause and how easily they can get hurt or even killed and a lot of the actors in the movie got injured and you had to say, "ouch" or "Ohhhh" out loud in the theater because you could feel their pain and it seemed so real, at least to me and that is another great aspect that I can appreciate about the film. I wish that the film could have been longer, but when you find out the "real" reason everyone was after the biker and what he had, it will touch your heart despite all the crazy commotion and chaos that was going on in the busy Big Apple streets! Ride on readers...just ride...ON!