"Total Recall" (2012)- Review

This movie was nothing like the original and it seemed to be a combination of Starship Troopers, Prometheus, Star Wars, and Lockout. The only good parts of this film was the cat-fight scenes between Biel and Beckinsale in the elevator. The action scenes and the high-speed car chases and the chases that Beckinsale was doing esp. the very first one after Farrell. I would say that if I had to pick between the better "female fighter," I would have to choose Beckinsale-hands down! Kate had that fierce look in her eyes and no matter what action scene she was in even if she was talking to her superior officer, she would look & talk to him like a woman in total control and like she hated him. Her look was on point whereas Biel was average. The way that she fought was merely average and was not as better than Kate's. I feel that Farrell did a good job at his role, but he should not have been the male lead in the movie. He did not deserve that title. His acting was not all that good and dynamite to me. The opening of the movie was good and the ending was good and I have to admit that I kept on yawning and almost wanting to fall asleep during the movie & that is a sure sign that a movie is not good or going the way that I thought it would go. I was wishing the whole, entire time that the 2-4 minute occasional actions scenes would have been happening over and over again for the entire 2 hours that the film was rolling. This movie really had the potential to be in IMAX 3D because of all the special effects and the cars and elevators/modes of transportation coming toward me in the screen. There were certain scenes too where I flashed back to the Justin Timberlake movie, "In Time," when I saw things implanted in Farrell's hand and it was pretty funny to see people answering their hands because that is where the phones were! Lol! I say that as a whole, this movie is worth $5 or a matinee price, but not an opening night or Midnight show. It is not worth more than a cheap matinee price! Trust me! Critics are even rating this film as I am; I love how professional critics rate movies similar to mine...we must be in the same wavelength.