"The Dark Knight Rises" IMAX (2012)- Review

Whew! Where do I begin? I thought that the ending was pretty sweet and as soon as people heard "Robin," the audience starting making noises and shouting! Lol! I really think that Hathaway did a good job as the badass catwoman, but I, personally think that they should have found someone with more a a tough exterior look for that role. Hathaway has a sweet & innocent face and no matter how hard she tries to be "bad to the bone," she NEVER captures the screen no matter how hard she tries TO BE A TOUGH CHARACTER. She did do a good job in this movie, but her character was not shown enough. I felt when they first presented her on screen-there should have been provocative music playing as the camera caught her from her boots all the way up to her full body-make it look intriguing, you know? Keep somewhat of the mystery and suspense going! She did look hot in that leather outfit, but her long hair made her look like a young catwoman too-she should have had a full mask like the original catwoman or something like that. Bale really did a dynamite job-as he always does, but when he was portraying Batman, I swear it was someone else acting and talking underneath the mask and costume-REALLY! There was a twist with the Gotham City true villain in the film that I did not see coming and I like to be tricked-it means that the plot was epic. I saw this film in IMAX and at certain parts in the film, the sounds in certain scenes were so loud and just extraordinary! This was a awesome 3-hour movie!!! Seeing this in IMAX is definitely worth it! I loved the special effects and the action in it, also. The Dark Knight ends on 7/20/12, but someone else rose...we never know what will happen in the future.....


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