"Step Up 4: Revolution" 3D (2012)- Review

I think that this is the ONE and ONLY Step Up film in the franchise that was a halfway re-make of the original because there were certain scenarios throughout the film that referenced back to the first one and if you are a true and hardcore Step Up fan, you will immediately know them when you see them in this film. There were only two actors in this film that one could recognize; one is Moose, of course, and two is the actor who portrayed Mr. Anderson and that is it. I felt like Guzman and McCormick really danced well (like Channing Tatum) taught them a thing or two. Lol! The tone of the movie was just very utterly original to me and not like anything new was presented as in parts 2 and 3 combined. What was unique about this film was that "The Mob" put their stamp/logo on their work after they "showed off" their talent. When the dancers dance, they really look like robots and then when the music picks up the pace, they move back normally. That is odd to see, people can dance in 3D just as well as they can run, walk, and talk in 3D. I think that the Miami setting was cool and fresh, the dance moves were awesome, and there was one part in the movie where you SHOULD laugh hysterically at one of the older gentlemen in the ending scene. I think for this movie to have such new talent, it was a very enjoyable film to watch. Anyone who loves music and rap (not explicit) can appreciate this film and all the effort that they poured into it. I felt it could have been a bit longer and better, but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It had some drama, some love, some fun, some deception, and no cameo appearances by Tatum, which was sad-but it is good and yes it is worth it to see it in 3D! When Sean and Emily FIRST meet and dance together, that scene is the best 3D and sort of erotic scene that you would WANT TO SEE! It is very intense! Trust me! Enjoy dancers! Enjoy!