"The Watch" (2012)- Review

I think that as a whole, the film was very entertaining, but not grand. Vaughn & Hill lit up the screen and Stiller & Ayoade were mildly funny, I felt. When and if you decide to watch the movie, I am pretty sure that you will agree with me, if not, that is okay too. There were so many great laughs because of Hill & Vaughn. Some of the things that those two characters said and did was just off the charts hilarious! They captured the screen and my eye, in fact. I was laughing almost out of my seat because certain things were just THAT FUNNY! Stiller's character was more of the "strict, play by the rules" type and was not humorous at all, if any. Usually, Stiller is making me laugh in almost any movie. Ayoade was mildly funny with his facial expressions and how he talked mostly. It was kind of strange to see aliens in a comedy film. The whole entire time I was watching it, I was thinking that this had the potential to be a horror film, just change the main cast. Lol! They kept the identity of the "real main alien" hidden until the end and it is revealed and yes, I assumed wrong the first time, but then something happened in the film and I was right on the head on the second prediction! HaHa! They also kept how the alien looked until the middle of the movie, so I have to give them props for having some sort of suspense, because all the green goop and blood spattering all over the place was one thing, but I wanted to see what was doing all that! The aliens looked creepy and there were two parts where the aliens we so close on the movie screen, it could have been in 3D! If you watch "The Watch," it will definitely make you laugh and it will make you jump-at first, but after that the laughs don't stop courtesy of Hill and Vaughn....


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