"The Amazing Spiderman" in IMAX 3D (2012)- Review

What an AMAZING IMAX 3D Experience this movie was! The only time that it was 3D, to me, was when Spiderman was flying all over NYC-especially in the final scene when he was fighting Dr. Conners/The Giant Lizard. The way that it ended was awesome as well. Every movie poster for this film that looks 3D will automatically remind me of seeing it in IMAX 3D! This is the first film that I have felt it will be awesome and it was, that I felt the 3D experience would be intense and it was, the action would be cool and it was, the IMAX screen would make it even better and it did! I was so right on the head about all of these things! Definitely see this movie in the format that it was filmed in: IMAX 3D! It is just unbelievable at how Spiderman was flying straight to you and the whole landscape view of NY in certain scenes can just take your breath away. This Spiderman movie had a lot of scenes that were my absolute favorite-like the subway scene; the scene where Peter is talking to Gwen and he gets upset; the other one is when he is in the gym and dunks the basketball; and lastly, the scene where he is in the back of a car trying to catch a criminal. All of these are just a few that I will recall because they were very funny, to me! Garfield and Stone worked really good together and BOTH of them really made me chuckle and laugh at some of the things that they said and did throughout the film. For the first while of the film, Stone dressed kind of scandalous to me with her short skirts and high heels! Lol! Honestly, I'd say this was more of a comedy movie than comedy/action, because the action was only "real action" when things were exploding and Peter was fighting the Dr. Conners-everything else was purely amateur comedy, but still funny nonetheless.