"The House @ the End of the Street" (2012)- Review

This movie was lacking the "real" suspense. They had more suspense in the full length trailer than in the entire film. There were three times (yes, I counted) where I actually jumped and it was because something unexpected happened. The anxiety & the thrill of anticipating what might happen as Lawrence was walking towards a door or another character's in the dark and we are waiting to see what will happen is all chilling and thrilling. I say that Theriot really played his role really good esp. towards the end. Once he really got into the fighting scene, that is when the real action and the movie started to grab my attention! I was pleased with the movie for the last 30 minutes. But the beginning all the way to the last 30 minutes was really plain, predictable, and just boring. I started to yawn on and off between certain scenes too. I just LOATHE movies where the trailer makes it look one way and when you actually see the movie, you feel so sick because it is NOT as suspenseful and scary and fast-paced as the previews let on. That is how they swoop on in and trick you! That is exactly how this movie was, but one thing that happened in the movie caught me off guard and that was the SHOCKING twist about Theriot's character-I did not see that coming at all to be honest. The people in the auditorium were saying the same things that I often hear in horror films: don't to in there, run, stay away from the door, etc. All these things the actor needs to do because if they do the right things in horror movies, the movie will be over in a jiffy because they have run to safety. Lol! This movie was not worth a full admission price-it is more worth a matinee or a free screening pass rate over full price.


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