"Won't Back Down" (2012)- Review

Absolutely astonishing! This is a film to be taken seriously & not as a joke, for one. The introduction of the film began with a very SAD part and it ended with a very HOPEFUL part. That was the first thing that I reflected about upon exiting the theater. There are a lot of real issues surrounding this film, in particular: schools and how much effort each individual puts into making the school function, teach, and care of every student on their roster. I really felt horrible watching the film to know that this was based on a true story and things like this are still happening in today's society. This is why I love "true" movies such as these and so many others because it forces us to take a step back and look at the grander scheme of certain aspects of life and all of its components. I feel that Davis' performance was dynamite and Gyllenhaal's was done exceptionally well too. Watching this movie and seeing the two mothers fight for their children and all the other children & the future children reminded me so much of Hilary Swank's flawless performance in FREEDOM WRITERS. She, too, wanted to make a difference just like the two main characters in this film and that is something that no one should ever do: back down. It is very easy to understand how the title of this film came about & why. It was evident to me just in the previews for it. No matter what obstacles stood in their way, they NEVER backed down from it. It was very disappointing to watch, but it had depth, meaning, a purpose, an overall message and it simple: to fight for what YOU KNOW and FEEL is RIGHT & stick your firm BELIEFS and commitments and you'll NEVER go wrong because you WON'T BACK DOWN!