"The Words" (2012)- Review

After watching this movie for the first 20 minutes, you can TRULY understand the title. The actual word "word" was used so many times I got sick and tired of hearing it! Lol! But, there was TRUTH-not some truth, but TRUTH to how powerful words can be and for Rory, I felt he started to understand as soon as his life unfolded because of his actions. Words can be just as harmful as private thoughts. This film had a tremendous amount of gaps in the story line, but all were filled in as Quaid told Jansen's story as Jansen told The Old Man's story. If you decided to see this film, you will understand what I have just said by who is telling whose stories. This film had to have been a low-budget film because it was very original, but I wish it could have transformed into something a little bit more dangerous like a suspense/drama/horror simply because of Jansen's actions to what he did, something horrifying should have happened to him, if that would have happened, I would have a greater review about the film in all honesty. One thing I am 100% positive on-that is how well Zoe & Bradley worked together. Their love was strong and their acting in certain scenes you could feel the chemistry that was generated from the both of them. Irons was a very funny actor in this film, esp. in his scenes when he was telling his story. His quirks and phrases would make anyone laugh or chuckle and I know that I most certainly did. He did a good job, but they made him look older than what he really is! Lol! The movie really can make you reflect and think about the effect that one's words can have on other people-every time the word "word" is used in the movie-a description or short story is told immediately afterwards and I appreciated that fact. Also, the movie poster for this film; when you see the scene that is identical to the movie poster of Dora and Rory in bed, you will understand that is is represented in the right way and it is definitely picture perfect! Olivia Wilde should not have even been in the film-I don't have a clue as to what pivotal role she had??? Be mindful of words because they can come back and haunt you in so many different kinds of ways...


Dan O. said…
Good review. Could have had more suspense and tension to the whole story, but had some nice dramatic moments to hold onto here and there. But still, could have done more with it’s neat premise.
Thank you Don for your comment. I appreciate it! Love the feedback! Keep on keepin' on!

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