"The Apparition" (2012)- Review

Damn! There is another horror film that has nothing-not even the horror! I did not scream or jump at all. I just feel numb. Another loss and I want a refund. I wanted to walk out of the movie at so many times, but things happened that led me to believe that the movie was going to pick up the momentum, but it didn't. Ashley Greene really had the good "scared and terrified" look down. I'll give her that, but this movie as a whole was pathetic! Do NOT NOT NOT waste your good 1hour and 22 minutes seeing this movie. Please, I beg of you! SAVE your MONEY and YOUR TIME! I really, as always thought that this would--finally be a horror film with the horror. It just seems like no Director or screenwriter can make a good and solid horror film this day in age. Truly, I wonder why WB bought this film-it could not have been for the story-line it had to have been because of the Twilight actress Ashley Greene. The killer was mysterious the entire time just like in "The Mist" or "The Happening." Nothing was good about this movie but the introduction and the opening credits. After that, it all went downhill pretty rapidly. For a movie this short, I knew the killer and certain good parts would have to be revealed pretty fast. The tone and pace was good, at first, it kept me interested, but then all I would see would be the things leading up to THE BIGGIE-but the biggie NEVER EVER arrived and that was all this movie basically was about and as soon as it ended, you knew it was horrible when you hear the audience say that favorite thing, "ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Enough said!


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