"The Possession" (2012)- Review

"Daddy, you're scaring me!" That one scene in the movie was killa hilarious as heck! I felt like I was watching THE BRIDE/THE SEED OF CHUCKY for the simple reason is that some parts in the movie were funny to me because of how the priest who was trying to perform the exorcism was acting or how nuts the mother played by Sedgwick was acting in a particular scene with her daughter on a "fridge rampage." People in the theater were saying the same phrases that you would expect them to say in any horror film like: "don't go in there", "why are you walking towards her?", "you crazy", or my favorite--"you betta get yo a** away from that psycho girl!" I have to admit that when I hear these common phrases during a horror film, it really makes the movie more enjoyable. The little quirks and comments are funny because if you were placed in that situation, you would be acting the same way. We all know not to run towards danger, we run away from it. I truly enjoyed the movie-the final exorcism scene was so vile and raw, it really freaked me out by what I saw to say that this was based on a true story! I will not say that this is a perfect film just because it was No. 1 at the Box Office the weekend that it opened-there may NOT have been a lot of competition that this film was up against, but still, I enjoyed it very much. I am glad that I was able to see this movie, I had my doubts, but I was wrong-it was a very good and entertaining movie. Good job! Wish more well-established actors could have been in it, though. At times, it was predictable & @ others-it was not. The pace was smooth, everything happened in order and from the way that it ended, you would assume to think the box is responsible, but was it something else? Was it the box, really? Just don't get possessed to find out....


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