"Lawless"(2012)- Review

I was hesitant in seeing this film, but luckily, I had a friend who works at the movie theater & got me free tix for it and I really enjoyed it. It was not a boring movie like JONAH HEX or COWBOYS AND ALIENS! It was not a full 100% country-western movie as I thought it would be, it was sort of a gangster, power/dominate relations film. No matter how many period movies I see, I always notice the separation of the races and it always makes me reflect on how far society has come. Gary Pearce really played his role and he CAPTURED the screen, but his character really was over the top and was pissing me off! Lol! He did a damn excellent job at portraying his character because I was wanting to beat his butt and just kill himself on screen. I was very highly impressed with it. The tone of the film was on point & there was action in almost every scene. There were a few times where I thought certain characters were going to die and there was one a certain character where his fate was pretty predictable, unfortunately. Shia really did an average job at portraying his southern accent. Tom Hardy really spoke and was like a statue in the entire movie and I hated that. For such a big actor such as himself and in a role like this, he should have been a little bit more active and involved in his role, unless the character called for him behaving the way that he was. I feel that the film was very enjoyable to be based on a true story! I just cannot believe that I liked it as much as I did. Everyone did a great job and during some parts it really felt so realistic to me as if I was a certain character or was feeling the pain of a certain character, but I do KNOW that Guy Pearce's character was making me just want to kill him-he did that good of a job to have his performance affect me the way that it did!