"Looper" (2012)- Review

This movie is slick, somewhat stylish & some of the special effects are amazing! I really could not get into the movie fully because of the way the green contacts made Gordon-Levitt look. He just did not look natural and he did not look like himself. It was odd-very very odd. It had the action; not hardcore devastating action, but action nonetheless. There were some parts in the movie where someone from the main cast said or made a funny facial expression and I chuckled. The little boy at first who was playing Blunt's son, was very cute, funny, & clever. Bruce Willis played his role really good-as he always does in these types of films. Action=Bruce Willis. The movie just seemed very original and not what I had expected it to be, but it was still very enjoyable. You MUST keep up during the entire film because it flashes back and fourth between the PAST and the PRESENT and the FUTURE explaining very important concepts and if you cannot get caught up you might as well call a looper because you are going to be lost for the duration of the film. That is the honest truth. The introduction to the film was very appropriate and it was hardcore gory badass! The way that the loopers have to kill and the manner in which they kill are like super-fast! You have to see it to understand it! I feel like the movie as a whole should not be put on a pedestal like everyone is reviewing it, but at the same time, it was enjoyable. I felt that it could have been better and had more well-known actors in it, added some better action, possibly 3D and then I could have better remarks to give it rather than just average ones. There is nudity, but it is very limited and there is obscene language and there is one part that will simply blow your mind away by what you see the kid "do to a GAT man in the air." Keep your eye on the target!