"Resident Evil: Retribution" in IMAX 3D (2012)- Review

I felt that this movie picked up right where Afterlife left off at and the title of this movie was what it was all about: Alice's retribution for all that she has gone through, it was time to get her revenge on the ones who turned on her! I saw it in IMAX 3D and I will admit that seeing movies in IMAX are a hell of a lot better than the regular formatting, but very pricey. There was minimal 3D in the film, but when you did see it, it was coming directly for you. There were a few UNpredictable moments in the movie where the creatures came after people and I did not see it coming and that caught me off guard, but they look so disgusting! Lol! That was one positive thing about the movie...I hate predictable movies, though, in general. Luther's part was limited and small, but he was not afraid to kick some butt when need be. I felt like the introduction that Alice gives at the beginning of every film is cool to give people insight on what to expect and what she has faced throughout all the films. The opening credits were so cool in 3D and how they went backwards. That was very awesome and I enjoyed that. From the way that it ended, a sequel shall be made; I'd be surprised if one wasn't, though. All in all, it was a good bad-ass movie. It had the action, it had the creatures who look gross, it had the killing and the mystery to certain things, you can see it in 3D and not the combined IMAX 3D because the 3D effects in it are cool as hell, I kid you not. It was not all what I expected it to be-there were times where I wanted something interesting to happen because it was getting slow and the way Alice was fighting was awesome, but they made it look so cartoonish in the beginning when all the creatures were chasing after her. Other than that, it was average. I expect it to be No. 1 if not No. 2 at the Box Office this weekend since nothing else had to wrestle along with it. Lol!