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"Looper" (2012)- Review

This movie is slick, somewhat stylish & some of the special effects are amazing! I really could not get into the movie fully because of the way the green contacts made Gordon-Levitt look. He just did not look natural and he did not look like himself. It was odd-very very odd. It had the action; not hardcore devastating action, but action nonetheless. There were some parts in the movie where someone from the main cast said or made a funny facial expression and I chuckled. The little boy at first who was playing Blunt's son, was very cute, funny, & clever. Bruce Willis played his role really good-as he always does in these types of films. Action=Bruce Willis. The movie just seemed very original and not what I had expected it to be, but it was still very enjoyable. You MUST keep up during the entire film because it flashes back and fourth between the PAST and the PRESENT and the FUTURE explaining very important concepts and if you cannot get caught up you might as well call …

"Won't Back Down" (2012)- Review

Absolutely astonishing! This is a film to be taken seriously & not as a joke, for one. The introduction of the film began with a very SAD part and it ended with a very HOPEFUL part. That was the first thing that I reflected about upon exiting the theater. There are a lot of real issues surrounding this film, in particular: schools and how much effort each individual puts into making the school function, teach, and care of every student on their roster. I really felt horrible watching the film to know that this was based on a true story and things like this are still happening in today's society. This is why I love "true" movies such as these and so many others because it forces us to take a step back and look at the grander scheme of certain aspects of life and all of its components. I feel that Davis' performance was dynamite and Gyllenhaal's was done exceptionally well too. Watching this movie and seeing the two mothers fight for their children and all the …

"The House @ the End of the Street" (2012)- Review

This movie was lacking the "real" suspense. They had more suspense in the full length trailer than in the entire film. There were three times (yes, I counted) where I actually jumped and it was because something unexpected happened. The anxiety & the thrill of anticipating what might happen as Lawrence was walking towards a door or another character's in the dark and we are waiting to see what will happen is all chilling and thrilling. I say that Theriot really played his role really good esp. towards the end. Once he really got into the fighting scene, that is when the real action and the movie started to grab my attention! I was pleased with the movie for the last 30 minutes. But the beginning all the way to the last 30 minutes was really plain, predictable, and just boring. I started to yawn on and off between certain scenes too. I just LOATHE movies where the trailer makes it look one way and when you actually see the movie, you feel so sick because it is NOT as …

"Resident Evil: Retribution" in IMAX 3D (2012)- Review

I felt that this movie picked up right where Afterlife left off at and the title of this movie was what it was all about: Alice's retribution for all that she has gone through, it was time to get her revenge on the ones who turned on her! I saw it in IMAX 3D and I will admit that seeing movies in IMAX are a hell of a lot better than the regular formatting, but very pricey. There was minimal 3D in the film, but when you did see it, it was coming directly for you. There were a few UNpredictable moments in the movie where the creatures came after people and I did not see it coming and that caught me off guard, but they look so disgusting! Lol! That was one positive thing about the movie...I hate predictable movies, though, in general. Luther's part was limited and small, but he was not afraid to kick some butt when need be. I felt like the introduction that Alice gives at the beginning of every film is cool to give people insight on what to expect and what she has faced througho…

"The Words" (2012)- Review

After watching this movie for the first 20 minutes, you can TRULY understand the title. The actual word "word" was used so many times I got sick and tired of hearing it! Lol! But, there was TRUTH-not some truth, but TRUTH to how powerful words can be and for Rory, I felt he started to understand as soon as his life unfolded because of his actions. Words can be just as harmful as private thoughts. This film had a tremendous amount of gaps in the story line, but all were filled in as Quaid told Jansen's story as Jansen told The Old Man's story. If you decided to see this film, you will understand what I have just said by who is telling whose stories. This film had to have been a low-budget film because it was very original, but I wish it could have transformed into something a little bit more dangerous like a suspense/drama/horror simply because of Jansen's actions to what he did, something horrifying should have happened to him, if that would have happened, I woul…