"Pitch Perfect" (2012)- Review

WOW! This movie was freakin' aca-perfection! I do NOT think that ANY word in the English dictionary can express how much I LOVED this movie! Everyone did a phenomenal and sensational job! Rebel Wilson & Anna Kendrick MADE this movie and everyone else was just a bonus! Elizabeth Banks had a small part in the film from time-to-time, but she was funny as hell cracking me up when she was in ANY scene! The character of Fat Amy was just....aca-unbelievable! Wilson really has a talent for making people laugh and she is a master at it! I am laughing right now writing this review thinking back on her performance! Lol! Simply fantastic! There was ONE group member that was hard to "hear" and her character is funny but annoying until the end where she finally "lets go." You will KNOW her when you try to "hear" her. I had never seen Anna Kendrick portray a kickass/badass role such as this one, but she looked like she belonged on a rap station/NY hardcore nightclub-her character's demeanor was street smart and just real-there was nothing fake about her. She did awesome and the way that the Bellas were always using the prefix -aca throughout the entire movie, you will be saying it too and esp. the way that Fat Amy uses it in the things that she says is just so funny, your eyes will turn bloodshot hardcore deep red from laughter! That girl is hilarious! I can give her compliments forever esp. in the role that she portrayed in this movie! When Banks said, "I may have to excuse myself to clean up downtown!" OMG-very funny and I screamed, laughed, and jumped up and down in my seat! I LOVED the beginning of the movie-the introduction was perfect and the introduction of Becca was just head on. The ending was genius as well; I did not like the way it ended (did not want it to end at all), but it still was a cool ending nonetheless! I definitely will be spreading the word to everyone I KNOW to see this movie: guys, girls, couples, people who love musicals, etc. I saw this at a screening, but I might have to pay money just to see it again! It will be worth it! I was HIGHLY IMPRESSED & in aca-awe at how aca-AWESOME it was! A exquisite job well done from aca-start to aca-finish. I hope a sequel is made. I already have it on my DVD list as soon as it hits shelves! There is nothing bad I can say about this movie-it had aca-actors; aca-comedy; aca-romance; aca-laughter, aca-vomit; and esp. it had the sweet moves of Mama ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-aca-Fat Amy: A Mermaid Dancer! :)