"Here Comes the Boom" (2012)- Review

There were a lot of BOOMS (like surprises and just basic things that made u wanna say wow, ouch, oh, ugh, etc.) and a ton of POWS! This movie had its ups and it had its downs-and it is the equivalent to the movie BAD TEACHER. I would say that this movie was fair and it was not one of Kevin James' best ones he has made, but I did laugh at some of the things he said and did throughout the movie-some of his scenes were funny like LOL funny, whereas others were just, eh. Hayek was very hilarious in EVERY scene that she was in esp. the scene where she says "give momma some Jambalaya!" You will have to see it in order to understand it! TRUST ME! The final UFC scene at the end of the movie, what Hayek does once the fight is complete is utterly funny! Haha! The character playing Niko was a very crazy and wildly humorous guy! He kept me entertained, definitely! The movie started to get more entertaining midway towards the very end. The beginning was funny and slow and from the middle leading up to the end was better and more funnier! It never ceases to amaze me that how the stupidest and simplest little facial expression or phrase can have the most intense effect on an audience in a movie theater and that happened in this one! There were a few scenes where the ENTIRE theater filled with people had to laugh and scream out loud because something so simple an actor did was tremendously funny as hell! There was a twist in the movie that really did not catch me by surprise because I had my suspicions about a certain character, so keep your eyes open to that, too! This was a very low-budget film because there were only three well-known actors in the movie. The character Marty had his moments too where he did certain things that was just unbelievable funny to me! Winkler did a job at portraying the music teacher! There is one man in Voss' citizenship's class that will make you drop out of your seat-that damn man is kicks! I'M A CITIZEN!!!! (you will understand once you see it). All in all, this is an enjoyable film and at times at the fights, you can feel some pain!