"Alex Cross" (2012)- Review

The ONLY & I do mean ONLY reason this movie gets a high-class killa rating is because of ONE man & it was NOT Tyler Perry! It goes to Matthew Fox! That dude was...intense...cold....calculating....dangerous...a well-skilled & extreme assassin @ best! Fox's suspense, killing styles, his methods, and his overall character was sensational! I did NOT want to take my eyes off of the screen! Some of the ways in which he killed his targets was nasty and made me cringe, but it was still electrifying to see on screen! The movie should have been named Picasso, which was Fox's character's name. Please do not get me started on Tyler Perry's acting in this movie-I almost feel pity for him taking on a huge role like this in comparison to Jeremy Renner taking on Bourne Legacy. Matt Damon will always be Jason & Morgan Freeman will be Alex Cross. ANYONE else should have, could have, & would have played a better Alex Cross than Perry. My apologies. Perry's facial expressions did not captivate the screen. Even after something monumental happened in the film, I could see that he tried too hard to "look the part." When a certain scene happened with him & his wife-the way he reacted to it was just...pathetic, weak, sad, & I know now why he is never nominated for anything at the Oscars! It was horrible to see him in this role. He needs to stick to Madea & leave acting in any other film that is not his the hell alone!!! There was a part in the film where he actually sounded like Madea & the line was an exact line he said in one of his own films & I was not the only person in the theater to pick up on it-others did too because I heard both laughter & chatter. Fox did an astounding job. He looked, acted, & behaved the part to perfection! He was dynamite! I loved Burns' character-he was more funny than serious in this movie, but was serious when needed. Loved the introduction & loved the ending. The audience clapped @ the end-don't need to ask who they were clapping for; if it was for Perry-they need to be analyzed. Don't cross Picasso---feel free to cross Alex!