"Taken 2" (2012)- Review

I was not pleased with the sequel. Maybe they should have stopped at the first one. I must have watched the first one about 8 times in theaters and it was so good and the trailers for this one were awesome and just kickass, but now that the time has arrived to finally watch the sequel, it was just....not good or what I expected...at all! It just felt like I was watching the first film all over again. The first 20 minutes of the film was slow and in my opinion, I think very similar to everything in the first movie and even the same scene where Bryan cooked BBQ for his friends-same meal looked like only they were wearing different clothing. They had on and off action and the action picked up towards the middle of the movie when the mom and dad got kidnapped and even in those parts-the action and suspense was not as good as the first film. There was one scene with Lenny where they had suspense, but it was much needed because at that point and in that scene, I truly had no idea what was going to happen. That was the only good part about the film. I think that the sequel should not have been made, but when the first film was made, I wanted a sequel because it was so good and I loved the film, but now, I am not so sure.