"Cloud Atlas" (2012)- Review

I never really had any sincere intentions on seeing this movie, but I had free passes & that is the only reason I went! I had never heard of this film before in my life and I only saw a preview for it once. That was telling me a lot right there. Reading the synopsis about it sounded MORE interesting than actually sitting through this 3-hour time loop film. I mean, it seems like an extraordinary film with such an all-star cast, but the movie was just hard to follow and to comprehend. I mean, Hanks & Berry really portrayed their roles damn good-I will give the credit where it is due, but you cannot leave this movie to go to the restroom, do not look down at your watch, etc. NOTHING or else you will be left behind in the past, present, or future and will be lost for the duration of the film. This movie seems like one of those psychological movies more than a Sci-Fi/Drma/Romance genre to be perfectly honest with you. Some OF the killing in the film was semi-gory and not the type of gory that can make you cringe say for instance if you were watching THE HOSTEL, HOUSE OF WAX, OR SAW. Sex Scenes--they were really intense and made you say, "Wooooowwww!" Lol! Just by looking at the movie posters for this film, which I remind you were not many and as I stated earlier, just reading the plot summary-this movie seems fantastic, but it really was a low-budget film and has yet to exceed the budget. If you choose to see this film, make sure that you have 3 hours free to really "study and want to figure out" what is happening with the story-line and to see how the film develops and if you do go to sleep on it, that is totally alright with me because I KNOW that I almost did. Honestly, I could not wait until it was over because I could not keep up with it. I was getting certain characters confused with older ones and I thought one thing and I was wrong on it and geez! Yes, I am NOT wanting to write more because I do NOT want to confuse you!


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