"Sinister" (2012)- Review

The filmmakers reveal the best part at the very end and that was the only good part of the entire film. There was, of course, a twist. Thank goodness it had a twist because the movie was like VANTAGE POINT too much! It was very repetitive-it was like Ellison watched a clip, saw a figure, acted weird about it and then his kids acted out and got in an argument with his wife and it is that same thing over and over again! On occasion, there are these sudden images that pop out unexpectedly that you may or may not think is coming-you may jump & then you may not jump; just depending on how easily you get afraid. I was NOT pleased with the movie as I was expecting to be. I just do not think it was average, and it was not awful, although a lady got up as soon as the movie was over and said to us as we were still sitting down in our seats: "Excuse me y'all, I can't take any more of this-this was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life" as she jetted out of the theater. Lol! I will be shocked if this movie makes the Box Office in the Top 5! It has to be to the lower bottom like 8 or 9-then again movie that are not good like this, people enjoy, give positive feedback & makes the No. 1 or No. 2 spot. The movie TAKEN should have kidnapped this movie and locked it up with all the boogies! I really think that the film had what all horror films have, which is the suspense-it was just missing the most crucial parts:one, the common sense that makes everything come together and explained and two, the actual movie because I did not see it-at all!