"The Seven Psychopaths" (2012)- Review

This movie was really equal to all the the "funny" scary movies I felt. Also, I kind of feel like the movie kept straying and not staying on course, it was falling apart and I could not keep up although, it was revealed at the end of the movie why certain things happened the way that they did, because I had a ton of unanswered questions floating around in the back of my head during the film as I was watching it. Woody Harrelson was drop dead hilarious in the film. Him and Christopher Walken made this movie! From the facial expressions to the mannerisms, to the acting, and then topping it off with all of those elements combined-those two really captured the screen. I loved the introduction of the movie and the "seven psychopaths." I was NOT laughing hard during the film, but I was laughing because it never ever ceases to amaze me at how looking dumb or saying a word or two can be very humorous! The rest of the cast did a average job. Colin Farrell was funny too, but mildly funny. But that Woody & Christopher! Those two...it was a riot! They were a riot! I enjoyed the film-it is very entertaining in a very stupid and odd kind of a way! Just looking at the movie poster NOW that I have watched the film, I can laugh non-stop, but while watching the trailer BEFORE I saw the film and looking at the movie poster in theaters, I did not know what to expect. Some of the killing was gory and funny, and if you decide to see this film, you will understand why it is funny. Never steal a dog because psychopathic things shalt happen....think about it...


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