"The Paperboy" (2012)- Review

Where should I begin? I was an extra in the movie & I had NO idea about McConaughey's character! I always overheard chatter from people saying that this film was dark, shallow, sexually crude and inappropriate. I KNOW know and understand why and they all were correct about it! The sexual references and what I saw was just.....unspeakable! Nicole Kidman really did a phenomenal job at portraying the "dumb blonde" role! 100% respect goes out to her! I had NEVER in my life seen her play a role like the one she played in this movie! Zac Efron did an average job and John Cusack was very believable with his character. Macy Gray really made me laugh simply because of how she was narrating story to how she talked in her scenes and her overall character. Lee Daniels is NOT a good Director and it is pitiful how he directed this film and how he could get nominated for Best Director for PRECIOUS a few years ago at The Academy Awards! The budget for this film was $11.0M and the film has only made a little more than $1.0M. I feel like I know what I would like to say concerning this movie, but I feel like I cannot express it. It was very entertaining and it kept my attention and some of the things that I saw I wanted to gag and run out of the theater, but it was weak and utterly original at the same time. Does that make any sense to you at all, you think? One thing that I am absolutely 100% positive about and that is Kidman's performance! I read that at the Cannes Film Festival, the audience gave her a 15 minute standing ovation and from what I saw, she deserved and earned it unequivocally without a doubt in my mind! It had the potential to be a great success, but it was very poorly directed and cheaply made and the Box Office results can confirm that along with all the 100's of articles saying the same thing all over the internet.


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