"Skyfall" IMAX (2012)- Review

Flawless performances by all! Mesmerizing! Action-packed! Thrills! Chills! I saw it in IMAX and the very last fiery scene made me feel as if I was really there! IMAX makes it alive and so real for you! All the parts that they showed in the trailer for this film was in the movie and I got really excited anytime I saw any part in the movie that corresponds with the trailer. My absolute all time part of the movie was when Eve was shaving Bond. They made that part look sexual and erotic in the trailer and it did NOT disappoint in the actual film itself! This movie was sensational from beginning to end! I want to see it again and again. When I saw QUANTUM OF SOLACE-I did not like it at all, but Craig made it all up to me in this movie. There were some parts in the film where they had humor and it was excellent, because all movies need some bit of minimal humor or a certain look from a main cast member that will make the audience laugh or chuckle, at least. I cannot say one bad thing about this movie. The opening to the movie-as soon as it came on for the first 50 seconds and the introduction to James Bond was golden! The opening credits were just simply amazing! I can compliment this movie all day every day! 24/7!!! I did not like the ending of the movie, but I felt it coming. Dench holding a gun and trying to shoot at people in a gunfight was just odd to see. Lol! She needs to stay in charge of the Dept. and leave the action to Bond and the other operatives! 007 was so suave and stylish in everything that he did in this movie whether it was having sex with a different lady, fighting someone, trying to kill someone, talking with others, etc. Daniel Craig is the new Bond of the new Millennium I strongly feel! I think that he does one hell of a job at it. He is like the White Denzel Washington for the 007 Series! He should NEVER stop, making these movies because he definitely captures the screen and keeps your attention! I love it! I love him! The movie may be called SKYFALL, but the only thing dropping were the people he was killing because SKYFALL soars high....very high...As James Bond would say: "Bond.....James Bond."-this movie was sensational.....extremely sensational!