"Breaking Dawn 2" (2012)- Review

The introduction, the first 30 minutes, and the very end were the most memorable parts of the film, to me. Everything in between was just average. But as a whole, the film was great, but I felt that they could have focused a bit more on Bella's powers and how she really enjoyed her new life as a vampire. The love scene between Bella & Edward was much more passionate and realistic than in Part 1. Zeroing in on Bella's eyes a lot during the film was not necessary-maybe the director was trying to compensate for something by doing that. I strongly feel that to wait for a year for the most highly anticipated series to get what I saw, I would have to say is not worth the wait. The idea and the concept and all that went into it was cool and the anxiety of waiting leading up to the big day was exciting, but I felt the movie was great, but could have been greater! I mean, two of the characters were not seen for about 45 minutes to an hour of the film, something I wanted to happen with Bella's dad did not happen, but it does in the book. There was humor form Bella, Edward, and Jacob during the film and it was funny. I suggest that you stay for the ending credits. I knew that everyone in the theater was going to scream as the movie began and what I knew would happen at the ending credits happened. I do NOT KNOW what the Twilight fans will do now that it has finally come to an end. I just feel that the movie lacked the "strong and epic" ending that they promised in all the online articles and trailers. I have to say that out of the five films combined, this one by far was the best. Bella transformed from that nerdy high school kid to a dominant and strong-willed vampire and mother. Qualities that you would never see her exhibit in the first 3 films. There is a twist in the final scene in the movie that will make you scream, yell, shout, almost feel you you want to die, and much more! The Director really did something unusual in that scene! I wish that I could be there to see YOUR facial expression during the fight scene. Enjoy Breaking Dawn 2 & know that the ending credits is the cast saying goodbye to YOU!