"Flight" (2012)- Review

Denzel does it again...and will again and again! The movie overall was his and his alone! It was centered around his character, but all throughout the movie the audience, myself included felt so sorry for his character & were saying silently and out loud in a whisper the phrase or words, "no" and "don't do it." After you see the movie , you will fully understand why. Lol! Goodman was kicks! He was very funny in his role. I want to laugh right now just reflecting back on it! You have to see it to believe it. I cannot give this film 5 full stars because it just wasn't....that hardcore bad-ass Denzel film I expected it to be. It was an AWESOME film, don't get me wrong, but it was lacking a few tiny things to make it a flawless movie. Washington's acting was dynamite. That was NOT the problem-just a few tweaks in certain scenes would have been better I think. Denzel's character was a tough, independent, take no BS off anyone type and I liked that. I thought back to when he did AMERICAN GANGSTER. Although he was not killing anyone intentionally in this film, but his mannerisms and his character traits and how he lived his life can con-inside with American Gangster-just tough and direct; straight to the point. I, personally love movies about flying (i.e. PASSENGER 57, RED EYE, FLIGHTPLAN, AND NOW THIS ONE). I had met Denzel a few months ago on set of his new movie 2 GUNS and he was a delight to talk to and with. To see a master at his craft like him, in the flesh was a huge blessing to me! It was...it really was! The speech that he gives at the end of the movie is epic & golden. Denzel touches your heart, and makes you want to soar. His performance is that one scene is remarkable! You KNOW when you want to compliment someone to the highest degree of compliments but you cannot find the words because they are just perfect-that is Denzel to a T! So when you fly, aim high because Denzel will take you there! :)