"The Man with the Iron Fists" (2012)- Review

I absolutely loved this movie. I have not seen RZA act before and in this role, he was not the best, but you know what-everyone makes flops, good movies, etc. It takes a long time to make a hit movie. I am not saying that this movie was not a success, because in my eyes it was and Tarantino was a part of this film and you can tell he was involved from all the gore and the bloodbath slaughtering. It seems funny to watch because all of the blood looked unrealistic, and the killing and fighting was all happening so fast, I could not see what was really happening. The action and the fighting styles were very cool to see. It should have been in 3D to be honest. That would have made it a lot cooler to watch on the big screen! Lucy Liu really did a sensational job at portraying a bad-ass chica in charge. I loved her line in the film: "if you hurt my girls...I'll hurt your boys!" Very classic! Watching this movie was like watching KILL BILL: VOLUME KILL TO THE MAXIMUM EXTREME! HaHa! The film had some mega-super-intense action scenes, of course and a lot of heavy duty sexual references more than sexual scenes and it was very funny. Certain actors made a certain look or did something that was funny to me, at least. Even though I love gory films-when I actually see it on screen, I do not like it because it just freaks me out a little bit. I would rather see it and have it make the movie more better than not seeing it and it wind up becoming dull, slow, and not worth my time. Gotta keep it interesting! Loved the introduction and love how RZA was the "2012 narrator." They way he narrates is very entertaining to me. You can appreciate how he came to have the iron fists in one certain scene. You will not be disappointed! Enjoy!