"The Guilt Trip" (2012)- Review

Just because this film had heavy mega-hitters Streisand & Rogen does NOT mean that it is an instant A+ 2 Thumbs up film! Granted, this film did make my jaws hurt from extreme laughter & it was very entertaining from beginning to end….I LOVED it, but I just could not give it a solid gold perfection A+. Just because it got a B+ does not mean that I didn’t like it. It just means that it was not high up there as I would have liked it to be. I can and will say this: Barbara & Seth really captured the screen and portrayed the “mommy & son” role to a T! Absolutely!!! I, honestly was just amazed at how much they REALLY made their characters come to life in this movie! I was rocked! Stunned! Captivated! I will say that out of the two of them, Barbara was FUNNIER than Seth! I kid you not! Seth is a born comedian, but, Barbara is a stone-cold genius at it! When you watch her movements and what she says and do-you will most likely agree with me! About halfway through the film, you will come to realize why the film is named the name that it has. There is a funny part in the beginning of the movie with “Andy” and it matches up perfectly with “Joyce” in the ending. You will not be able to miss the funny twist and mystery with these two names. It can bring a sweet notion to you while at the same time, tickle you with laughter. Be prepared to laugh your socks at almost 2 minute intervals! Both main characters are saying something almost every 2 minutes that will make you laugh uncontrollably! All in all, the movie was very sweet, holiday-friendly, & very comical! I truly believe that Seth and Barbara have that “on-screen” chemistry and it shows on screen…it does…it really does!