"Playing for Keeps" (2012)- Review

In all honesty, I felt that the film was cheesy, low-budgeted, and very predictable. Just because it is coming out during the holidays does NOT mean that you cannot mix in a little mystery with the sweetness that the movie already had. The original title of the film was PLAYING THE FIELD. I think that it should have kept that name because Gerard Butler really did “play the field” with all the soccer moms! Lol! Uma Thurman was not seen a lot throughout the film. I feel that the movie was very sweet & charming. This seems to be one of those movies where you are just sitting by the nice warm fireplace sipping on Egg Nog and the family is around and you all are in the mood for a sweet little treat to accompany your Egg Nog. Jessica Biel did a good job in the film, but her hair was a wreck! It was odd watching a movie where Butler was talking with his authentic and natural accent. Typically, he is hiding it. He sounds very awesome with it to be honest. There is nothing more that I can say about the film, really. It was short, cute, and just one of those low-budget films that really did not strike my attention as much as I would like it to. Any film that is distributed by Film District is always a low film & no other company would not want to take a chance on it. The only well-known actress in it was Catherine-Zeta Jones. Of course, everyone knows Uma, Jessica, and Dennis. But, I don’t know-it just was not advertised or talked about as often as other December films. I can fully appreciate the new title of the film because I can say in my own opinion, Butler’s character was playing for keeps this time, and he was playing to win back his ex-wife. So, with PLAYING FOR KEEPS and having the former title of PLAYING THE FIELD; one can understand how these two titles can actually go hand in hand with one another.