"Parental Guidance" (2012)- Review

Despite all the negative reviews....I thought the movie was absolutely positively AWESOME and made for Christmas Day. It never ceases to amaze me at how a regular film can have a sort of Christmas effect on people when it opens up on Christmas Day. This movie had hard laughs from start to finish. Everyone and I do mean EVERY SINGLE LAST CAST MEMBER was funny and was VERY AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING! I really wanted to jump into the screen and be a part of the movie-I was getting into it so heavily! Lol! It was like watching the film PLAYING FOR KEEPS, but BETTER! Bette Midler & the red-haired boy who played Barker were the two actors that really stood out and made me laugh; like really jaw-dropping laugh at some of the things that they did and actually said! There is nothing nasty or negative that I can say about the film. After leaving the theater, I did not want to leave and I wanted to stay & just watch it again and again. It felt so special, funny, family-orientated, & just plain good! It was sweet and just a riot-like those three kids. But the part that freaked me out just a little bit was the introduction of Alice & Phil's home that "did everything" for them and when you see it, you will KNOW exactly what I am talking about. The ending scene with Artie & Alice really touched me and I loved it-even though this was a comedy-there was a real emotion between those two characters that I love to see in any movie. Every movie has a message to relay, it all is how YOU choose to receive it! Merry Christmas!