"Django Unchained" (2012)- Review

"A Brutal Riot of a Masterpiece" is how I can sum up this movie! I did see myself in the film and I look kind of good as a slave! Lol! I say that QT went a little overboard with the gory and extreme bloody killings. There was so much blood and people shooting and killing dead people over and over again and blood splattering all over the place made it look so unrealistic, but QT is NOT known for Disney movies too on the other hand. If yo are use to Mr. QT, then this film you should add to your collection with all of his other movie masterpieces! I felt like Jamie Foxx really did an outstanding job! Kerry Washington was not seen in the movie a lot, which really made me sad, but it was hard to watch certain scenes with her. Beating and torturing people/slavery has ALWAYS been hard or me to watch even though that is how it really was back in those days. Kerry really did a great job at portraying the victim-I have to give it to her. Now, DiCaprio and Jackson. Those two entered the picture towards the end of the film, which saddened me, but they CAPTURED and I do mean CAPTURED my attention more than ANY other actor. Everyone did a fantastic job-but those two really really placed intense emphasis on their roles! Waltz had a great sense of humor in his character throughout the entire film. There was humor mixed in the movie as well as the "Tarantino touch" that made the movie epic, flawless, and especially "off the chain!"


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