"This is 40" (2012)- Review

It was not named by the director as the “sort-of-sequel to Knocked Up” for no reason. It truly was more like a reality-type film rather than a regular movie. Granted, the two main characters are Rudd and Mann. But, in order for this to have been in my eyes a proper sequel, I would have wanted to see Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl in it, at least as a cameo. They brought back Jodi and introduced a lot more cast members. It was strange to see. The kids: Those two have really grown up and they were absolutely adorable in their own messed up little way throughout the movie. They really did an incredible job! The parents: Pete and Debbie really have chemistry together in these roles-they both impressed me equally. I cannot say that Rudd was funnier than Mann or vice versa-they BOTH were highly entertaining and they both made me laugh during the entire f****n film and I say that because that “f” word was used a ton in the movie by everyone including the kids! Lol! Megan Fox really portrayed the “slutty and sexy/provocative” role really well. There were a few parts in the movie that were hardcore crude & were extremely funny to watch! Some parts you will laugh and other parts you will just have mega-laughs! All in all, it was a very entertaining movie and I was not disappointed-at all. I got my money’s worth & you will enjoy it. It has the laughter, it has the family drama, & it was a shocking surprise that you would never even suspect…so get knocked up kinda all over again!