"Hitchcock" (2012)- Review

Loved it! My absolute all-time favorite line of this movie was when Anthony Hopkins said, “call me Hitch & drop the cock!” LMAO! Absolutely amazingly hysterical! Hopkins & Mirren were the right top two choices for the leading roles in this movie! Hopkins looked so much like the real Alfred Hitchcock that the only times I could “see” Anthony Hopkins was from the side on a few occasions. The introduction to the film was perfect and the ending matched the beginning in the same way and it was very funny! I am not sure if Alfred Hitchcock was a funny man considering he loved mystery and spy films-but in this movie the character was always upbeat & charming with a splash of funny. Lol! It was odd to see Jessica Biel with a 1950’s hairdo. Lol! There were a lot of older people in the theater watching the movie and laughing out loud-I felt a bit out of place. I always feel like that when I see a movie that I assume is centered on the older generation than the younger, etc. I sincerely do hope that Mr. Hopkins and Mrs. Mirren get recognized for their exceptional talent that they both displayed in this film at the Oscars. Mirren did NOT have any shame in showing off her body nor her provocative bathing suits in the scenes where she had to show a little skin. Lol! She and Hopkins both had jokes and serious sides to them in the film that was very captivating and I know the audience felt it because I could hear some of the comments that they said and I could hear the sheer laughter coming from any and everyone in the theater. As the movie ended, everyone in the theater clapped. That is ALWAYS a definite and strong sign that a movie will be a success and it will be talked about afterwards by word of mouth, etc. The closing scene of the movie where Hitch was waiting outside the door to see how the audience would react to the “shower scene” was just so funny and Hopkins played it remarkably! This is a movie for people of all ages. It is very entertaining! Not mildly, but extremely and highly entertaining!