"The Last Stand" (2013)- Review

The actors truly took their last and final stand in the movie. After all that the town had been through, it had to take a “certain incident” in order for them to come together and demolish someone who was going to do damage to their town 10x as worse than anyone ever could. This is my reasoning for why the film was titles as such. I really disagree strongly with the critics’ reviews of this movie. It had suspense, it had action, it had killing-even though it was gory and it had the PERFECT touch of gory. Not too bloody, not over the top, just right. I was truly impressed by that alone. There were high speed car chases and the car scenes that the main character Cortez was involved in were downright awesome! There were two instances in the film where the killings just left me speechless like, “Woooowww, I never saw it coming like that!” One was with a granny and one was with Johnny Knoxville “getting” someone. Knoxville always has to bring his inner-kid into any film and he did with this one. He is truly a funny actor. His flare made the film comical a midst so many other characteristics! Guzman’s character was funny as well-just the mere facial expressions and certain things that he would say would have everyone in the audience just laugh out loudly! I really wasn't expecting the killing in this movie to be as brutal as they were because from the trailer, I had never seen anything like what I saw coming. I loved that; the element of surprise. Schwarzenegger looks good on the Big Screen after all this time and you can tell that he has aged, but he still can portray the badass hero role! The way that he escorts the villain to Whitaker is simply mind-blowing and damn head on! Lol! You have to see it to believe it!