"Broken City" (2013)- Review

I was really disappointed in the film to be truthful. The trailer was so phenomenal and with such a great cast: Pepper, Wahlberg, Crowe, and even the sensational Zeta-Jones. The plot summary sounded great reading it on IMDB or talking about it in general. The suspense leading up to the movie was great; in fact, knowing what the film entailed combined with the trailer was great and intriguing, but when it came time for the finished product-I was not impressed-not in the least. I was yawning at parts during the film, there was minimal to no action at all; certain parts were just dull to me and had no meaning to be in the film. I will give credit where it is due-Both Wahlberg and Crowe played their respective parts beautifully. I will give them that. There was a twist with two of the supporting actors in the film and you may think that the main goal in the film is one thing but it completely throws you for a loop and you cannot see it coming what the true crime(s) are in the film and I use "s" because it is true and you have to open your mind and pay attention as to why I worded it like that. Overall, the movie was not the greatest-but it wasn't the worst either. I can literally understand fully why the name of the movie is called BROKEN CITY. It is just like in any state where a politician wants to fix what is broken and has crooked ways of fixing the problem. Catherine was not seen a lot in the film, but when she was she made her role very "mysterious." She was a pro at that-I GIVE HER THAT!


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