"A Haunted House" (2013)- Review

I seriously do NOT think that I can rate/put into words how outrageously crude, sexual, and stereotypical this film was! It was all those and so much more! I am telling you that my eyes were bloodshot red form the 24/7 laughter and the laughs coming from the audience only made it that much more entertaining. Marlon really really really did a dynamite job at this spoof film. I could not wait to see it when I had first heard about it! Serious! I am laughing while rating the movie thinking about all the insane things that I saw in this film. I wonder what made Marlon want to do a film like this? I do NOT think that any spoof film in the HISTORY OF SPOOF FILMS WILL TOP THIS MOVIE! I cannot even go on and on about it because I will be saying the same things over & over again! I really feel like this movie was over the top funny! Essence really was entertaining as well. Cedric was cracking me up! He truly is an entertainer! There is nothing that I can say bad about the movie! I loved it and laughed so hard at it form beginning to end! I was not disappointed at all-not one bit! It is a very intense and obscene spoof film! I guarantee laughter...extreme laughter! This was the BEST stupid/funny spoof film of 2013!