"Movie 43" (2013)- Review

I don't care what the critics or what anyone says: movie prices are high nowadays but I DEFINITELY got my money's worth in watching this here film! It was so jaw-dropping at some of the references and things that the actors did with or without the help of special effects. It was just too damn funny! This film had me freakin' speechless. I had to stop eating my snacks and drinking my soda because so many things were happening that were just...wow...I cannot put into words how this movie was, literally. It was so damn perfect and funny..that is all that I can say. You just have to experience it for yourself! The movie poster for this film is dead on: the comedy is exposed and it is opened WIDE for you! Everyone did a fantastic job! Out of all of the spoof films that I have seen-this one is by far the BEST BEST BEST ONE ever! Me and my friend David were laughing so hard and so quiet , we had people laughing at us laughing. One lady in the theater saw a certain segment in the film and she replied out loud: "OMG, I can't deal!" Everyone in the theater were laughing at each other simultaneously!!! Disaster, Scary, Date, Vampires Suck, and any movie in the past and I am pretty sure in the future will not outrank this film. Spoof movies do NOT make that much money and people think that they are stupid (which is the actual point), is irrelevant-they are made to make audiences laugh by doing stupid things and going out of the norm and developing a new idea. This movie should have been RX-rated! This is the right prescription if you need a definite pick-me-up! Trust me on that! Severe laughter from start 2 finish & jaw dropping scenes that leave you in total awe and dismay--it is a good thing...trust me!