"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 3D (2013)- Review

I really was very satisfied with the film. I know that I always tell people that I love bloodbath, intense, and gory-based films-but when it comes time to watch them, I do get freaked out by all the gore and profound nastiness. Lol! That is exactly what happened with my first film of the New Year: THIS MOVIE! I was going in with a 50/50 probability because I was reading a lot of negative reviews about it and then I started hearing good things and expectations and then the show that I saw was completely sold out! I did see it in 3D and I was NOT disappointed-so that was good! The introduction and opening credits rolled out all bloody and in my face. Loved it! Everything wasn’t in 3D, but the parts that NEEDED to be were and that freaked me out because even though 3D is meant to “be really realistic,” it was really REAL because it was just too intense like it was happening to me; so great job on that aspect of the film. The gore was not over the top, the horror was perfect and the masked killer was jumping out at where you least expected him to, so I was on the edge of my seat because I knew he was coming, it was just a matter of how and when, you know? It’s like you may think he is behind you, then he is not-they fool you like that in this movie. That anticipation is what drives you crazy and makes it more scary and real for you because you want to know what will happen. I, honestly thought that this was going to be a bust and a complete waste of my time, but I was so wrong. It was a really good and entertaining 3D movie that I enjoyed! I just wish more credited actors/actresses could have been cast in it to boost it up a little bit more. I really do want to go and see it again. Seriously! It was that good to me! No lie!


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