"Gangster Squad" (2013)- Review

Loved the movie. I've been reading a lot of negative feedback on it, but I have to disagree. There were a few funny quirks in the film along with some very cruel & disturbing gory gangster images but as the movie progressed the somewhat gory imagery had stopped less and less, but that anticipation of how Mickey was going to kill someone was exciting to me. I have got to admit that Sean Penn did an OUTSTANDING job portraying the bad ass mobster-type role and I was thinking about THE GODFATHER because of how Penn was talking like he had cotton balls in his mouth trying to replicate the Godfather to a T. Lol! Emma Stone was NOT right for the role of Grace in this film. She has the look-don't get me wrong, it is, to me-that certain actresses look wrong in certain parts in certain films because they are so young as in their real age & I could not get use to her in this role in this film. She is like a child and not a seductive gangster's girlfriend. Josh Brolin really did an amazing job as well as Ryan Gosling! Ryan really can play the suave cop who can get what he wants. He really captured the screen in one scene. I will not give it away, but you will know the scene that I am referring to if you decide to watch the film. Gangster Squad is gangsta--to me and it should be to you too!