"Parker" (2013)- Review

I really cannot say that this film did not keep my interest & curiosity; because that it did. It is sort of hard to explain, but in a weird way-it was like certain parts of the film were just okay but just as I was disappointed about that then something “action-packed” happened and it was amazing. I love movies where I cannot see something coming. This part in the film, I was relaxed and calm just enjoying the film and then BAM: something big happens. This movie had some really intense gory fighting scenes in it and that surprised me because I was not expecting the fighting styles/scenes to be as medium-grade gory and intense as they were. That was a major plus. Statham played his role as he ALWAYS does in any badass movie-he was the badass fighting, killing, and screwing a lady or two. Lol! Jennifer Lopez really added a certain flare to the film. Her character wasn't provocative, but more real, feisty, and direct with a hint of humor-something that she is not known for in her films; at least all the ones with her in them that I have seen. She played the part well and I loved seeing her on the Big Screen after her last flop that miscarried-the film WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING. This film has been getting awful reviews, but you know what? Critics must be harsh and cynical in their reviews because I can NEVER EVER read a 100% positive review from an established movie critic! In conclusion, I enjoyed the film-very much. There was some killing that freaked me out and had me feeling the character’s pain; suspense; anticipating the moves of what certain characters would or wouldn't do; it had sex and intrigue: All the elements to make a movie a success. It may be a bust at the Box Office-but it’s a winner in my book! Parker lived by a code and trust me-he cannot be “broken.” SO just park it and the theater and enjoy him: Daniel and/or Parker….