"Beautiful Creatures" (2013)- Review

Beautiful creatures are beautiful in this movie! One would think the title of the film suggests the "supernatural" creatures in the film-but I think the characters of Ethan & Lena are the two beautiful creatures. This film reminded me of two other films similar to what the character Lena had to accomplish of a certain age: Beastly & The Covenant. Those two movies combined with this one serves one purpose: Of a certain age-the main character will have to surrender and/or surpass an extreme obstacle in order to live. Live as in be alive and live life. This movie was epic & magical. The love that the two characters shared was something rare & special to them both. There was nothing that was going to brake the connection they obviously had. A bond as strong as theirs; evil or nothing could not come between them. I felt the introduction of Ridley was the climax of the film simply because she proved to be a test for Lena to test her self-control & to see what she could handle in either the "light" or "dark" scenario. I don't mean to ramble on-but the movie was magically written, directed & edited. The way the movie ended was more touching than anything else. If the love between Lena & Ethan was strong-it would bring them back to each other over and over if a situation separated them. You agree? Everyone is beautiful, magical, & different. It's the WAY you choose to project these three elements to the world to determine how you will be treated in return and to keep the positive aura flowing from one beautiful creature to the next....


Meka said…
Loved this review!!! I felt like you captured the essence of the movie. I didn't really have that high of an expectation when I saw the previews for this and had pretty much written it off, but your description gives the reader a hint that this film delivers much more than meets the eye. The title Beautiful creatures is in itself an oxymoron and your review emphasizes that. That there is beauty in the different (loved that) and obstacles to overcome. I think you have encouraged me to give this film a chance. From what you say it sounds like a BEAUTIFUL film!!!

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