"Identity Thief" (2013)- Review

I must have lost 30 or more pounds that McCarthy gained from laughter at this movie! She was unbelievably funny! She is a really talented and hilarious actress/comedian! I kid you not! Both she and Bateman were outstanding in the movie! The two of them both have on-screen chemistry!!! I cannot stop thinking about how much I was laughing at the movie! Bateman was just perfect and so was she. All throughout the movie you never really knew what "the thief's" motives or real identity was. You learn why she stole people's identities and so much more as the plot unfolds, which is very interesting. The opening to the movie was genius because it even had me fooled. Yes, from the start! I have never in my entire life seen a movie; a comedy movie, that is-that was 2 hours long! It was the funniest and best two hours that I have ever laughed so much. This movie is just as funny as spoof movies or Movie 43, but Movie 43 was a tad bit higher on the laughing poll than this one in comparison. There is nothing that I can say negative about the film. Really. T.I. & Genesis played the minor villains in the movie and they did a great job at acting stupid and funny killers tracking the thief. Lol! Genesis was funnier than T.I. in my opinion, though. When you find out w hat her REAL NAME is, you will laugh and the closing scene is just crude. Lol! All in all, you really can learn a valuable lesson from this movie: when people call you and ask for personal information-just do not volunteer anything and use common sense!