"Safe Haven" (2013)- Review

Josh Duhamel & Julianne Hough have intense on-screen chemistry in this film! The movie was mesmerizing, deep, emotional, a tear-jerker & it pricks your heart! Valentine's Day was the absolute & only day this film should have opened. I wanted to see it because I am a fan of Josh Duhamel & had the chance to meet him last year! He & Hough really gave flawless and ground-breaking; earth shattering performances that will rock you! I have to find the words that is the equivalent to "damn perfect romantic" movie with a few twists. As a whole, you needed some of the bad in the film to get to the good. The film should have been titled "Alex's Haven." The opening to the movie was sensational. It set the tone for the entire film. The flashback scenes were excellent and as the story unfolded-the flashbacks gave insight into Hough's character. Hough really brought this character to life. She gradually comes from a sheltered little girl to a safe and wanted woman. The closing scene should bring a tear to any one's eyes if they watch the film. It will make you shed a tear, clap, say "Awwww", or just be in total and utter dismay/disbelief. This movie tricked me a few times-but since this was an excellent film....they tricked me for the better! Josh Duhamel is SAFE HAVEN!