"A Good Day To Die Hard" IMAX (2013)- Review

It's a BAD day to see nothing GOOD in this film but the high super-charged killing and bomb explosion sprees. That's about it! I had heard the negative talk surrounding this film when it opened up on Thursday night! I never expected to doze off in a movie such as this one even in IMAX, which I saw it in and I was so disappointed in that! The movie was NOT keeping my full attention. I had to twist and turn in my seat just to force myself to literally stay awake! The budget for this film was $92.0M and so far, it has NOT NOT NOT even reached the halfway mark. To say that this is a great action-packed thrill franchise, I was surprised that the total running time was only 98 minutes and not longer. I cannot say that this movie was worth my money or time. I was completely and utterly disappointed and I have to agree with the movie critics; 100% that this was not the best Die Hard film made. I am literally at a loss for words and feel like I am saying the same thing over and over again: This was not the film that I expected it to be knowing that at every turn, I would see this preview in almost every movie I was going to see, THIS was being advertised. It's very disappointing!