"Bullet to the Head" (2013)- Review

I was very excited for this film because of so many factors, one of which was that I had great camera time and it made the final cut! I was a CSI and I was shown for about 20-25 seconds! I was so speechless that I had no idea what to do. I was thinking that this film would be like Tarantino: A bloodbath film. It had just the right amount of action, the perfect amount of blood and not going all wild and free with the gory imagery. I felt that it was just perfect. Stallone cracked some jokes about the cop that was assisting him help solve a case. It had all the elements to be a great success. I don't care what any other critics say. I loved the film. It gave a great tour of my state: New Orleans. Kang really was funny in certain scenes. They showed an ending part when the movie first began to make you understand the ending. I do not particularly like movie that do that, but I feel that they have a point in trying to do something different in today's filming industry. I feel that the movie was simply average and could have been better than what it was. It was awesome, but I just felt like something was missing for some reason. I enjoyed the ride that this movie took me on. It was very entertaining, it was action-packed and the actor I got a picture with; Jason Momoa aka Keegan in the film played the villain part to a T! I am glad I got my picture with the bad tough guy! Stallone was that too, but Momoa was it in this film! Hands down! So go get that bullet to YOUR head! Lol!


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