"Stand Up Guys" (2013)- Review

Three terrific actors. One low-budgeted flop. That seems to be the only and BEST way to describe the movie. Pacino still has his fire and kick and can capture a screen even in a messed up film like this one. I have got to give him that! He is one of the best and well-known actors that is still around. To see him still talking about sex, killing, gangsters, etc. that is a persona that I assume he never wants to give up no matter how old he gets-he still loves the tough roles. Lol! People just assumed that because he, Arkin, and Walken were in it that it was going to be a huge success....even the best Oscar-winning actors make flops. It is unfortunate, but it is a part of life. The three actors did do a great job in my opinion, but the movie as a whole just seemed like a reunion for these three with no real meaning or point to the plot of the movie itself. If I had a chance to see this for free or at a screening or even to pay at matinee price, I would have done that because I was not impressed. Arkin had a short part in the film, but the scenes that he was in-he shined. The way he was driving that car-WHOA! I had to chuckle at certain parts, but no big laughs came out of me because nothing struck me as THAT funny. Pacino was funny by some of the things he said during the film, but it was nothing THAT hilarious to me to say the least. The last 20 minutes was the best part of the film and the ending is all up to your imagination. All three guys were stand-up guys in deed and that was about it.


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