"Snitch" (2013)- Review

This movie was more than just an action film. At least, not just that to me-it was a story about redemption, sacrifice, devotion, and especially unconditional love that a father or a mother has for their child no matter how much their child may say that they hate them, were never there for them, wishes death upon them, etc. A parent, and Dwayne exhibited that so very well in this film to the actor who played his son in the film that he was determined to go through and to do whatever was unnecessary to protect his son and to clear his name and get him released from prison. I admired a certain scene between Dwayne & Rafi when Dwayne told him that he "taught" him a vital lesson. Children can teach parents lessons. Parents do not have to be right all the time and know the answers. I see it like this: If a child can correct their parent and show them a better way to do something or make mature suggestions that means, to me, that the parents is teaching and raising their child right for them to come up with these solutions and ideas all on their own. Bernthal played his role really good I felt because he had the look of his character and his tone was on point. The role was suited for him and Dwayne has that badass, tough demeanor about him that him playing a role like this is perfect for him! I enjoyed the film. It had a deeper meaning than action. It was inspired by true events and if you see it. Look beyond the action and see the love that is clearly displayed by all of the characters for one person: Jason.