"Side Effects" (2013)- Review

Just three words for YOU: Watch. Side. Effects. Combine those and do the Nike logo: Just do it! Lol! This movie was absolutely wonderful, suspenseful, and immaculate! I felt that Rooney did a phenomenal job at portraying a psycho. During the movie, I was just in complete awe at some of her behaviors and I had to say to myself that she is one crazy b***h! I could not help it. She captured the screen so beautifully with her character; I was in the moment that she was in to say that. There were twists in the movie and things that happened as the movie unraveled that I never in a million lifetimes would ever see happening! Seriously! This movie is FAR from predictable! It had me fooled. I think that this movie should be seen in medical school and in all psychology classes! Lol! I l very much appreciate films that are NOT predictable and keep me guessing because so many are in deed, predictable! In the final scene with Rooney and Tatum, I was like, “No, she did this?” Sort of saw that coming but did not want to think it!” I cannot get over the movie as I am writing this review. I am just highly impressed at how it played out and the beginning matched the ending. The last two words that Rooney’s character spoke has to make you stop and think: What are the real side effects…if any? You cannot see what she is thinking or anticipate her next course of action. She really portrays the role of a psycho extremely well. I have to give her credit for that. Very believable! I was disappointed in the picture quality of the film and not a bigger distribution company would have picked it up, but besides that one flaw; the movie was highly enjoyable and a great mystery to try and uncover without talking pills to try and decipher all the messy details. It all fit together when the story is told at the conclusion of the film and it will rock you, shock you, and hopefully not block you from seeing another mystery like this one. The side effects of seeing this movie are way better than Mrs. Taylor’s side effects are they similar…..take the journey and see….