"GI Joe 2" in IMAX 3D (2013)- Review

Definitely better than the first! Had to say that first off. I've seen a lot of IMAX 3D movies and to say this one was converted..it was awesome! There were a lot of 3D effects with the swords and fighting mostly but at certain times--it would happen so rapidly and it was coming my way; which is the whole purpose of 3D that I had to flinch a few times. Haha! Truly that realistic for me. My most best part of the film was the introduction to Colton's weapon supply in his home. That made me laugh-a lot! Don't get me started on what happened with Duke....and it was a movie...if that happened to Chan in real life....NO COMMENT! The Rock was super-badass! He can dominate a violent and tough alpha-male role & never disappoint (i.e. Snitch, Fast/Furious, etc.) I rather enjoyed the film. IMAX made it better and the 3D did NOT disappoint me. Jinx & Storm Shadow were the only ones whom I feel are Badass Butchers butchering to pieces who or whatever comes there way! Yo Joe!