"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" (2013)- Review

I was expecting a bit more than what I saw. Sadly enough, I MUST agree with the rating that the movie critics were giving this film; which were negative. This movie was not incredible-it was purely average. There were parts that were funny from Carrey & Carrell's characters, but I had to chuckle and make looks of being in awe rather than laughing out loud out of my seat. Although the ENTIRE time I was watching the movie I felt as if I was in the ACTUAL audience or at least dream of being there. Magic does excite and fascinate me as all of the characters were saying during the film! Wilde really did a great job towards the end of the movie and even though this was a comedy-there was a great lesson portrayed : if you have a magical friendship-it will last forever and the two friends will always find a way to come back to each other if they are true friends. The acts that Jim Carrey were performing made me just cringe and I agree with what Carrell's character says about it-that is not magic-it is just disgusting even though there is some magic in it--in a twisted and sick sort of a way! Lol! Don't be fooled by the movie poster for the film and thing that you are seeing a very comical and incredible magic show because you aren't. You are just seeing an average magic show MINUS David Copperfield and MINUS the amazement of magic!